Time is like the Temperature?

I’ve been thinking about some of the mystery of the mind, specially since I started my quest to explore ideas and memes with mydreamscape.org after my own bleed on the brain back in May 2010.

I started thinking temperature is quite similar to time?

  • Time is different for everyone, try getting people to tell the time without a clock
  • Temperature feels different for everyone
  • Time has a man made scale
  • Temperature has a man made scale
  • Time goes slow when your having fun
  • Temperature feels suitable (hot or cold) when your having fun
  • Everyone has a preferred temperature
  • Everyone has a preferred time
  • There are places in the universe we can’t really go due to temperature extremes
  • There are places in the universe we can’t really go due to time extremes

Ok maybe its not a perfect match… but you get the general gist…

When the buisness model gets in the way, its time to move on?

By now everyones seen the ravings about Twitter changing the developer API and telling developers not to build twitter clients.

In a statement issued today by Twitter on its official developer mailing list, the company informed third-party developers that they should no longer attempt to build conventional Twitter client applications. In a move to increase the “consistency” of the user experience, Twitter wants more control over how its service is presented to users in all contexts.

The announcement is a major blow to the third-party application developers who played a key role in popularizing Twitter’s service. More significantly, it demonstrates the vulnerability of building a business on top of a Web platform that is controlled by a single vendor. The situation highlights the importance of decentralization in building sustainable infrastructure for communication.

This I feel will have a massive chilling effect through out the developer community. Ideally people would move to status.net but I fear even this change isn’t enough to push people over and if the people won’t go the developers are unlikely to change focus to status.net and identi.ca.

I can’t quite link the two but in my mind there along the same lines. Cory Doctorow did a interview about why DRM is no friend of business. A very good interview which hits all the right points but theres something about twitter’s api change which is related. Maybe its about building a business model on shifting ground. If there business model and your business model don’t match or go in the same direction, maybe its time to move on?