Reversed EyeFi card almost


I was catching up with Hak5 and Darren was doing a few interviews from the RSA 2011 conference. One of the interviews was with Kingston, who were showing off there new secure USB memory stick, called Blockmaster.

One of the features seems to be around the ability to push content to the memory stick. I’m not sure exactly how it works but I assume when you plug the memory stick into a web connected computer it will refresh its content with a centralised kingston service? I guess it works like dropbox but limited to what can fit on the memory stick.

This of course raise all types of hacker type questions but putting that all a side for now, this goes one more step closer to the idea of a reversed eyefi card.

With a reversed Wifi card you could easily push images to a photoframe which would be simply amazing. Bloo from the forums outlines the idea…

I would like to see an Eye-Fi card which pulls photos from somewhere and puts them in a directory on the SD card.

The primary use case for this would be to wifi-enable digital photo frames; however it could also enable those frames to be information displays for other applications: some program stores images in directory on a PC and the frame downloads from there on a regular basis.

If the Kingston blockmaster was add wifi in the future, I believe the reversed eyefi would be done and a whole ton of people would buy it. The closest we are to the reversed eyefi card is Isabella miniusb stick

Author: Ianforrester

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