The Crispy Friday mix

Brand new mix, this time a little more deeper into the genre of tech trance or progressive trance if you prefer. Its certainly not one of my best mixes, I actually did it during lunch while I was waiting for something to be done. Its a mix which doesn't quite take off, instead keeps its self contained till close to the end when it does spread a wing or two. Enjoy!

  1. Crispy Bacon – Laurent Garnier
  2. Friday (trentemoller remix) – Fred Everything & 20 for 7
  3. Roundabout – Sam Sharp
  4. Us – Simon Patterson
  5. Panic Attack – Simon Patterson
  6. Dawn Raid (Sander van Doorm remix) – Jon Rundell
  7. Revolving Doors (club mix) – Ronski Speed
  8. Thump – Simon Patterson
  9. Certitude – Thomas Bronzwaer
  10. Exposure – Gareth Emery
  11. Strip Search – Simon Patterson
  12. Smack – Simon Patterson
  13. Joy Enerigizer – Joy Kitikonti
  14. Ultra Curve – Cosmic Gate

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