Google Wave slowing down your browser?

Maybe you need Waver 1.0. Waver is a Adobe Air app which simply takes Google wave in the Webkit browser and stips off all the browser chrome and runs in its own process. I say all this like its necessarily a bad thing. Its not bad, its actually quite snappy compared to running Google Wave in a browser with many other tabs. The only issues is its not really a new client for Google Wave, its more hybrid rip off of the iphone running wave in webkit. Luckily the whole thing is free and runs on Windows, Mac and Linux without too much bother.

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The Crispy Friday mix

Brand new mix, this time a little more deeper into the genre of tech trance or progressive trance if you prefer. Its certainly not one of my best mixes, I actually did it during lunch while I was waiting for something to be done. Its a mix which doesn't quite take off, instead keeps its self contained till close to the end when it does spread a wing or two. Enjoy!

  1. Crispy Bacon – Laurent Garnier
  2. Friday (trentemoller remix) – Fred Everything & 20 for 7
  3. Roundabout – Sam Sharp
  4. Us – Simon Patterson
  5. Panic Attack – Simon Patterson
  6. Dawn Raid (Sander van Doorm remix) – Jon Rundell
  7. Revolving Doors (club mix) – Ronski Speed
  8. Thump – Simon Patterson
  9. Certitude – Thomas Bronzwaer
  10. Exposure – Gareth Emery
  11. Strip Search – Simon Patterson
  12. Smack – Simon Patterson
  13. Joy Enerigizer – Joy Kitikonti
  14. Ultra Curve – Cosmic Gate

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