Ten rules for Radical Innovators

I didn't blog Twitter's Ten Rules for Radical Innovators (found via @adew), because I think it was about the time of my blog being down. Umair Haque describes across 10 points why Twitter is changing the way we not only communicate but also innovate. Following the last blog post its good to point out that this is another reason why its critical that one company isn't going to rule this field no matter what their indentations may be at the time.

Interestingly the rules are actually good enough almost by themselves to create all types of dialogue around. We actually have a copy printed out on our wall in work. The Video above is Jeff Jarvis and Umair Haque at the Next09 conference, where they talk about the money side of all this.

  1. Ideals beat strategies
  2. Open beats closed
  3. Connection beats transaction
  4. Simplicity beats complexity
  5. Neighborhoods beat networks
  6. Circuits beat channels
  7. Laziness beats business
  8. Public beats private
  9. Messy beats clean
  10. Good beats evil

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Author: Ianforrester

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