The fiery warm snap mix

Another mix, this time on the more chilled side of the trance spectrum. It was recorded at about midnight while sitting on my balcony watching the trains go by. It was a warm night and I was sipping a Diet Ginger beer while mixing. Its a good mix, lots of lesser known tunes with some new ones. I did make one mistake in the middle where I pressed the pause button on the wrong track but otherwise its all good. Let me know what you guys think… The artwork for mix cover is from – Burn Blue under CC licence of course.

  1. She wants him (Blake Jarrells Panty Dropper Remix) – Moussa Clark & Terrafunka
  2. Fallen (Gabriel & Dresden Anti-Gravity Remix) – Sarah McLachlan
  3. Made of Love – Ferry Corsten feat Betsie Larkin
  4. Body of Conflict /images/emoticons/laugh.gifub mix) – Cosmic Gate
  5. Isn't Life Wonderful (Flat 6 mix) – Alex D'ella vs E-Bop Allstars
  6. Into Something – Richard Durand
  7. Language (Santiago Nino Dub Tech Mix) – Hammer and Bennett
  8. Minimalistix (Club mix) – Close Cover
  9. Unprepared – Marco V
  10. Silver Bath – Plastic Boy
  11. The Situation (Liquid life remix) – A Situation
  12. Radio Crush (extended mix) – Ferry Corsten
  13. Can't Sleep – Marcel Wood Feat Elles De Graaf
  14. It's time (Ferry Corsten's flashover mix) – Ferry Corsten

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