Sinclair ZX Spectrum vs the iMac

ZX Spectrum

Today I was watched the Gadget Show, while cooking dinner. Part of the show includes a section called the technology wall of fame. In the past they have had interesting rivals like the boxbrownie vs the polaroid (instant) camera. However this time around it was the Sinclair Spectrum vs the iMac.

Now frankly I can't believe they even bothered with this because hands down the Sinclair has done more for the computer industry that the imac. Yes the imac was back then pretty, dropped legacy ports in favour of USB ports and made it easy to get online. But the Spectrum started a whole industry, it stretched peoples imagination and creativity. Comparing the two is a joke. You could argue that the imac does deserve a spot in the hall of fame but not at the expense of the ZX Spectrum.

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Author: Ianforrester

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