Its all about attention to detail Puma

I've been on holiday recently, yep totally breaking myself off from work stuff for a short period. I actually been doing the boring stuff like shopping, cleaning and arranging. For the first time I've visited the Trafford Centre (outskirts of Manchester) and actually spent a good amount of time in the Arndale (central Manchester). Usually I'm in and out as fast as my legs can take me, but I did a proper look around last week.

Anyway I ended up in the Puma Store because I am looking for new trainers (sneakers, tennis shoes, whatever) and tried on a T-shirt. The T-shirt in question is a special edition which has the name of the city it was bought in on it. So as you can see above he's the Manchester one. I tried it on and thought it was a little too loud but what bugged me the most was the label.

MCN? Where's that then? The thing across the T-shirt is meant to be a airport sticker thing. So why has it got MCN on it instead of MAN which is Manchester's International and only Airport shortcode. So where on earth did they get MCN from? Me thinks someone was making this stuff up and screwed up. And for that reason I decided not to buy the T-shirt. Attention to detail Puma!

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