WTF! iPod Shuffle

When someone told me the new ipod shuffle only works with its original headphones I thought they meant in the same way most phones have some proprietary adapter. Not that the device is totally useless without the headphones due to all the controls being on the headphones. Yes its small and has 4gig but how long will the headphones last? If your anything like me headphones last from a weekend to 6 months. I actually bought a pair of headphones in Dixons while heading out to Las Vegas and they were broken the day I came back. I did get some super-glue and fix them but trust me there not very attractive. And its not only that. I also find myself switching headphones, so when I'm playing with my pacemaker device, I will use the in the ear if I got nothing else, but much prefer a couple of over the ear dj headphones. When riding on the scooter, obviously over the ear headphones won't work. When doing something like running I use my bluetooth over the ears and back headphones. So the concept or even reality of only being able to use one set of headphones is insane. Even Sony and other make controlers for there devices but still allow you to plugin your own headphones after the controler. I hate to say it and I'm sure some apple fanboy will comment that i'm wrong, How can anyone buy into Steve Jobs vision of the world where you only use one pair of headphones with your music player? I'm not typical user sure, but still what incase you want to plug this device into a car stereo or friends system for a party? I'm sorry but this just shows that Apple are more interested in making devices which are made of puppets that people.

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