They have not got a clue

Most of the mainstream press are some what happy with the outcome. But in actual fact they have cut the tail off something much deeper that they will ever admit to…You only have to listen to what Paul McCartney says to understand how out of touch not himself but the industry around him really are.

The former Beatle told BBC Newsbeat that he believed that music should be paid for.

Speaking about the case, he said, “If you get on a bus you've got to pay. And I think it's fair, you should pay your ticket.”

He suggested that websites such as The Pirate Bay were harmful to young bands.

“The problem is you get a lot of young bands coming up and some of them aren't going to last forever,” he said. “So if they have a massive hit that's going to pay their mortgage forever.

“They're going to feed the children on that and if they don't get that money, if they don't see that money, I think it's a bit of a pity.”

Thankfully there are some people trying to get a hold on all of this. I would obviously point to the project we just launched called R&DTV but also this interview with Trent Reznor by Kevin Rose..

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