Tesco direct have Acer Aspire One for 198 pounds

I have been considering getting a netbook or as I'm starting to call them cloud terminals for a while now. I've always wanted a replacement for reading ebooks on without dragging my quite heavy Dell XPS M1210 around with me everywhere. So at BarCampLondon5 either Tom Morris or Cristiano Betta suggested a session titled “bring your gadgets.” So you can just imagine the things pulled out for the session.

Sam from Orange showed off his Acer Aspire One. When I asked him about the price he said he had got his for 199 pounds from the PC World sale a while back. Now it seems Tesco have jumped in on the same game. It needs more more memory as the default had 512meg of memory to be honest, what more would you change? Oh thanks to James Cridland for the tip on the price point.

I like the Dell mini-9 too but its the wrong end of the price bracket for me. I found this compare chart very useful, but there's nothing like feeling the keys of the machine its self. I learned I could use the Acer keys quickly without a problem unlike the Asus eeePC models.

Oh is it payday already… And I actually do need to order food for the flat, question is if I order today will I get it before going to Berlin?

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Author: Ianforrester

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