Flights booked and here’s whats getting me excited about the Web 2.0 Expo

Web 2.0 Expo Europe 2008

So I have laid down the money for the flights and I'm going for sure now. I decided to go via Liverpool Airport, because getting to Luton Airport was always going to painful from Manchester. It either ended up with me sleeping at the Airport, Traveling on a Coach for 5 hours or spending time in London then going to Luton early in the morning.

I've also been planning my days through the schedule, here's some of the highlights which I want to attend.

All interesting stuff… but I'm wondering if 15mins is long enough to cover the woman in technology problem? I don't know if there is a girl geekdinner in Berlin? But maybe it might be a good place/chance to really delve into the issues. Tara Hunt ran a session at BarCampNorthEast which went into a lot more depth that anything I've heard before. I got a feeling Suw is certainly look at the issue at that level and deeper. I will try and get as much of it on camera of course.

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