There is so much free knowledge online

Can I just say I love the internet! There is tons of great resources online and most of them are freely available to anyone who wants to invest the time. I can't understand people who say the internet is full of crap. A bit of media literacy about how to search, how to judge sources, friends recommendations, etc, etc and internet is a better that any other resource known to man. Simple!

In that vein, here's a couple of great little resources which have been recommended to me by friends.

How to bridge the distance between business strategy and design – recommended to me by Paul via I mean wow, I would love to hear this live, the presentation slides are pretty credible and describing enough that you feel like you could give the presentation
yourself with enough time.

Living digital – recommended to me by Kate via email. I've heard of this guy but yes this is a awesome presentation to google. Would love to get him to the BBC one day. A lot of this for me is shaking head in agreement but its so good to have that sometimes. Even today I hardly ever turn on the TV, its all about Internet content be it licenced, unknown or unlicenced. Its also good to see the technology is ready. My friend bought a Popcorn box a while back and a couple of other friends bought a xbox just for xbmc the other day. And I got to say I'm still having fun downloading what ever highdef content I can find and playing it back on my homemade xbmc box.

Background Patterns – recommended to me by everyone but Lucas was first. Lovely site, well thought out and the fact you can download the pattern is ideal.

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