The 3rd Olympic ring (black) is now safe on my bookshelf

Thanks to everyone who was involved in getting this lost (now found) ring. Its sits proudly on top of my bookshelf in the centre of the room. Getting the ring required quite a few people and Tim was the one finally who convinced the woman in the gallery to give it up. I got a small video of the moment Tim came back with the 3rd ring. We were in the great little cafe next door love saves the day. We also went for a couple drink afterwards where we spent a lot of time looking at the esperanto, some mad/eccentric lady (who's meant to be well known in the northern quarter) started to help. Its really the amazing thing about ARGs you can get dragged into it and you maybe do a part and leave again or get really interested and end up playing along. Having the ring sitting there in the middle of the room and knowing there is only 4 more in the world its hard not to keep being involved. Thanks Tobin and Nicole, Tim and Simon, Davemee and the Unfiction forum.

Yes I did do a dance in front of the gallery afterwards with the ring, but the woman was on the phone so she didn't see me I think.

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