Young people fcuking … its that good!

I bet that title attracted your attention? But your mistaken, I've not suddenly decided to talk about my personal life. Instead its the title of a frankly amazing film which I watched and am now recommending to all my friends.

Its a comedy centred around five different couples and one night (obviously not at the same time, you dirty minded people) Nope its basically five stories (from wikipedia).

  • The Best Friends – Matt and Kristen decide to become friends with benefits, but discover romantic feelings for each other exist
  • The Couple – Husband and wife Andrew and Abby choose to celebrate
    his birthday, only to find that their love life was worse than they
  • The Exes – Mia and Eric meet up for a one-off after having broken up some time back.
  • The First Date – Jamie brings her womanizing date Ken back to her apartment.
  • The Roommates – Gord, his girlfriend Inez and his roommate Dave.
    Gord invites Dave to make love to his girlfriend while Gord watches.

The problem with this film is that the name, young people fucking or ypf. People instantly think its a porn film or going to be tacky and crap. Its neither and good fun. Seek this film out if you can. Its unfortunately only available in America and Canada, but of course there's other ways to seek it out.

Actually I was making this point to a work friend the other day. She was asking about the economics of media if people are downloading content for free. Anyway, after a bunch links (including the government study that the biggest downloaders pay more for media) I made the point that Hollywood alone is putting out up to 60 movies a day and there is no way anyone one person could watch all those movies. Ok I didn't pay to watch YPF but if I could buy it on DVD now, I would. I also would have happily paid to watch this at the cinema. Actually to be honest if they brought this out in the cinema, I would watch it again with friends. Oh to note, I spend more money on going to the local cinema (the lovely 16 screen AMC in deansgate) every month that some people spend on DVDs and the cinema in a year! So that study really makes sense to me.

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