Excellent StackOverFlow podcast

I'm slowly catching up with some of the podcasts I was able to download at the frustrating speed I've recently had. I wanted to give a special mention to a excellent Stack Over Flow show which is a podcast by Jeff Atwood and Joel Spolsky.

Late in the podcast both of them just run through books which should be read or even owned. And there are some classics in the list.

Don't have time to listen to all that jibba-jabba? Here is Joel's short list:

If you don't like the rambling podcast style, there's also a public transcript with more books that you can shake a tree at.

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Welcome to broadband limbo or something?

So I'm online but at such stupid speeds that its like I'm using ISDN.

Another BT engineer came out today to check my ADSL line and the exchange I'm connected to. I bought another wireless adsl router yesterday so I was able to demostrate how slow it was using both the smoothwall box and the cheap wireless router. We even used multiple phone cables and took all my phones out of the loop. The engineer even used his own laptop to run a couple of tests using my equipment and the results were exactly the same.

  • Results for speedtest #1215882742
  • Date of Speed Test: 2008-07-12 18:12:22
  • Download Speed: 109 kbps (13.6 KB/sec transfer rate)
  • Upload Speed: 668 kbps (83.5 KB/sec transfer rate)

On this speedtest I got download speeds of 0.11 Mbps and upload speeds of 666 Kbps and finally on this one download speeds of 84.9 kbps and upload speeds of 679kbps

So the upshot of all this is that BT can't do much else and its now down to my ISP to come up with a solution. My ISP (Ukfreesoftware network) are not exactly the best for customer service, so I'm expecting quite a fight on my hands if I want anything to change. Yes this really sucks and I can't understand whats changed.

Its just today been all fixed! Now I'm speeding along the internet, finally.

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