Old Skool tunes

I recently spent some time at a old friends house. We were going through his old vinyl and tunes as he reminded me that I had actually taught him to mix on decks years ago. He also played some amazing tunes which I had forgotten about till today. He's some of the better tunes… (any with a star mean I don't have a decent quality version of this tune).

  • 2 Bad Mice by 2 Bad Mice
  • Sugar is Sweeter by CJ Bolland
  • Trip II the Moon by Acen
  • Energy Flash by Joey Beltram
  • Such a Feeling by Bizarre Inc
  • Ecstatic (dry mix) by Zentropa
  • Papua New Guinea by The Future sound of London
  • The Bouncer by Kicks like a Mule
  • LFO by LFO
  • Waterfall by Atlantic Ocean
  • I need your loving (original mix) by Baby D
  • You got the love by Candy Statton
  • Gonna make you sweat by C&C Music Factory
  • Injected With A Poison by Praga Khan
  • Passion (do you want it right now edit) by Gat Decor
  • Not over yet by Grace
  • Rock my heart by Haddaway
  • Hurt you so by Jonny L
  • Feel real Good by Manix
  • Acid Trax by Phuture
  • Go (rainforst mix) by Moby
  • Insanity by Oceanic
  • We got to live together by R.A.F
  • Searchin for my Rizzla by The Ratpack
  • Break 4 Love by Raze
  • Instruments Of Darkness (The Prodigy Mix) by The Art of Noise
  • Move your body by Xpansions
  • Far out by Sons of a Loop Da Loop Era
  • Le Voie Le Soleil by Subliminal Cuts
  • Renegade by The Terrorist *
  • Playing with Knives by Bizarre Inc
  • Rush in the House by Xenophobia
  • Trip To Trumpton by Urban Hype
  • Some Justice by Urban Shakedown *
  • Salva Mea (Epic Mix) by Faithless *
  • Let me show you (vocal mix) by Camisra
  • Rip Groove (RIP mix featuring TopCat) by Double 99 *
  • Spin Spin Sugar () by Sneaker Pimps
  • Sugar is sweeter (Armand's drum n bass mix) by CJ Bolland
  • Professional Widow (Armand's Star Trunk Funkin' Mix) by Tori Amos
  • The Chopper by The Terrorist

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