iPlayer content on exotic devices

So since my pled for streaming iPlayer content on the Xbox media centre platform. I've been doing what I can to alert the right people to the effort which is happening in this area. The hope is that once the Xbox media centre hackers get there teeth into streaming iplayer content to the xbox, others will follow suit. I've already heard about Wiidia player project through the blog posts and forum entries. I thought it would be possible to create a mediaplayer through Opera but wow the video going back to August 2007 looks good, so things must be really good now. Specially with the release of a server.

Anyway, about other platforms. The obvious one which will make the management sit up and take notice would be the iphone but that looks like a no go for now. The AppleTV should be able to playback the iplayer streams no problem if apple allow access to the browser, otherwise modified appletv's will find a way. I don't think we have a chance on the Xbox 360 platform but the PS3 should work with a version of Linux installed. PSP and DS I've yet to check and I'm sure windows mobile phones along with Nokia phones will work either now or very soon with iplayer streams.

The problem seems to be the propitery Adobe streaming protocols (RTMP, RTMPT and RTMPS) not to be confused with RTSP. But this is being worked on by the guys at Gnash, who have a working lib for decoding RTMP already but doesn't seem to be in a state where others can take advantage of it? Anyway its all really exciting and also means people doing everything legally. No DRM reverse enginnering, no transcoding and we're not even breaking the Geo-ip rules even. I just hope the prototypes and examples will be enough to keep things as they are on the BBC end of things for a long while. I would hate to see drm being added in the middle of this period of development. I'll certainly do what ever I can to keep the field as open as possible to others and I think the BBC iplayer API will drive even more creativity when it goes live.

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Old Skool tunes

I recently spent some time at a old friends house. We were going through his old vinyl and tunes as he reminded me that I had actually taught him to mix on decks years ago. He also played some amazing tunes which I had forgotten about till today. He's some of the better tunes… (any with a star mean I don't have a decent quality version of this tune).

  • 2 Bad Mice by 2 Bad Mice
  • Sugar is Sweeter by CJ Bolland
  • Trip II the Moon by Acen
  • Energy Flash by Joey Beltram
  • Such a Feeling by Bizarre Inc
  • Ecstatic (dry mix) by Zentropa
  • Papua New Guinea by The Future sound of London
  • The Bouncer by Kicks like a Mule
  • LFO by LFO
  • Waterfall by Atlantic Ocean
  • I need your loving (original mix) by Baby D
  • You got the love by Candy Statton
  • Gonna make you sweat by C&C Music Factory
  • Injected With A Poison by Praga Khan
  • Passion (do you want it right now edit) by Gat Decor
  • Not over yet by Grace
  • Rock my heart by Haddaway
  • Hurt you so by Jonny L
  • Feel real Good by Manix
  • Acid Trax by Phuture
  • Go (rainforst mix) by Moby
  • Insanity by Oceanic
  • We got to live together by R.A.F
  • Searchin for my Rizzla by The Ratpack
  • Break 4 Love by Raze
  • Instruments Of Darkness (The Prodigy Mix) by The Art of Noise
  • Move your body by Xpansions
  • Far out by Sons of a Loop Da Loop Era
  • Le Voie Le Soleil by Subliminal Cuts
  • Renegade by The Terrorist *
  • Playing with Knives by Bizarre Inc
  • Rush in the House by Xenophobia
  • Trip To Trumpton by Urban Hype
  • Some Justice by Urban Shakedown *
  • Salva Mea (Epic Mix) by Faithless *
  • Let me show you (vocal mix) by Camisra
  • Rip Groove (RIP mix featuring TopCat) by Double 99 *
  • Spin Spin Sugar () by Sneaker Pimps
  • Sugar is sweeter (Armand's drum n bass mix) by CJ Bolland
  • Professional Widow (Armand's Star Trunk Funkin' Mix) by Tori Amos
  • The Chopper by The Terrorist

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