When’s the eBook readers coming to the UK?

Amazon Kindle

I'm sorry but I'm fed up of hearing stupid people ranting about the Amazon Kindle and Sony Reader. One because its not targeted at them, second because they rant about the price (although I would like them cheaper too) and third they just won't shut up about comparing them to books.

I'm honestly sick of people saying they prefer books to ebooks. Stop comparing them! Its really boring to hear I prefer books because there physical…blah blah blah. Stop it! If I can stop ranting about the Apple Iphone, you can stop moaning about ebooks. The fact is I prefer reading on screen because of the ability to change line lengths and text size. I would like to read a some what balanced review from someone simular.

Whats caused this little outburst? Well reading some of reviews from stupid people who don't actually own a Kindle yet on Amazon. I would link to them but they don't deserve it. The best review and most honest review of the Kindle so far has been this one and Steve Gibson's reviews. I would like one but there too expensive right now and I would perfer a version of the kindle with either wifi or bluetooth inside of it. Being tied to a mobile network is a no no but I can see the business case behind it. A while back I was excited with the Rex iLiad (yes its real name) but it seemed to have got stomped on by the Sony one which came out at the same time.

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