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So PlugLondon a event run Christian of Yahoo's Developer Network, kicked off yesterday. It was a good event and I hope it will carry on through next year. I'm going to start calling it the Minibar for Developers, as its a simular format but more developer focused. I think throught-out the time we had about 10+ presentations and some time for chatter between. I did wish at some points people would be a little quieter but generally people would float off to the back of the great skype offices for a natter.

So to improve the event I would move the presentations to a set area maybe away from the entrance and kicthen. Then allow that area to be setup for adhoc networking or natterings. It might also be worth timing the presentations as some did go on for a while. I did love the idea of people saying who they were even near the end of the event. This meant even people who were really late could still feel part of the overall crowd. Having it on a Saturday was interesting but I don't know if thats a good or bad thing for people. I was thinking I could do some shopping then go the event. But it didn't happen, instead we ended up going to the Bricklayers Arms (I don't get why people love that pub but its so popular with developers) and after that going to a restaurant with Dave Sifry of Technorati. So in actual fact, the whole Saturday afternoon and evening was used up at the event and the stuff which followed. I did suggest to Chrisitan that it should be a Friday night instead. Chrisitan is talking about moving the event around different offices in the future, so that would be very cool, specially if it grows over time.

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