Talking about Corporate Communications 2.0, BBC Internet blog launch

BBC Internet Blog banner

So this is great I'm sitting in the front row of a talk about Corporate Communications 2.0. The blurb goes like this.

Today's successful corporate communications and PR efforts are moving faster and faster towards the Web 2.0 channels of the day. Even some of the largest companies are using blogs, podcasts, videos – even Twitter and Jaiku – to reach customers, employees, and shareholders. Many of these efforts have had excellent results, others not so much. How does PR and corporate communications operate today, in a world full of direct communication with customers via web sites, email, blogs, and video?In order to use update your corporate communications plan, you need to consider corporate blogging practices that fit your company and situation, understand the variety of channel and tools available, and learn to blend the old with the new.Through a variety of corporate case studies, find out how businesses can use blogs and other forms of online communication to reach out and inform their customers, connect with their employees and their community, and create conversations and relationships that last.

So I thought, hummm I wonder if the BBC Internet Blog has launched yet? Yes that thing I've been closed lipped about for ages is now online for all to see. Enjoy!

I see Ashley has wrote a entry about Linux Figures off the back of the Podcast which was done recently. Well 151 comments later its turned a little nasty…

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indigenous content

Stowe Boyd live at Web 2.0 expo Berlin

Stowe gave a great talk from the Web 2.0 expo which I'll expand on later but during the talk he used the term Indigenous content which caught my ear. After a quick chat with Stowe, he pointed me to the source. I actually like the term and the background of it By the tribe, for the tribe.

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Mozilla Prism (Web Runner)

Prism lets users add their favorite web apps to their desktop environment

Yes I know its old but I saw Prism recently working and I was very impressed. Combine this with Google Gears or Offline Dojo and wow. Till then, this is perfect for my parents who really have problems with typing in urls.

Prism isn’t a new platform, it’s simply the web platform integrated into the desktop experience. Web developers don’t have to target it separately, because any application that can run in a modern standards-compliant web browser can run in Prism. Prism is built on Firefox, so it supports rich internet technologies like HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and and runs on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.

And while Prism focuses on how web apps can integrate into the desktop experience, we’re also working to increase the capabilities of those apps by adding functionality to the Web itself, such as providing support for offline data storage and access to 3D graphics hardware.

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