What’s your next cellphone? Asks Engadget

It’s been over a year since we last took everyone’s temperature on this topic, so we figured it was high time we did another Ask Engadget where we asked everyone what their next cellphone was going to be.

I'm going back to the Windows Smartphone/mobile platform for my next phone. Maybe the Windows mobile Treo might be a idea but will it support 3G/UMTS? douhtful… Something is certain, the next phone will have to support a high rez screen. I've been comparing my 320×240 screen with some of the latest Nokia's and i'm totally shocked by the quality of the Sanyo S750.
Some things I dont want on my phone, playback buttons. I honestly dont care if my phone has play and pause buttons. Clam style.
Some things I do want on my phone, SD or MiniSD storage. Windows Mobile or some open Linux operating system, USB type connection, 2+ megapixal cameras with unlimited video support (unlimited capture to storage card).

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