Tagging up facts with tagfacts?

Just when you thought it had all been done. Dima Kuchin builds TagFacts, a tag based tip, tricks and hints service. I honestly do not know what to make of the service. Its a lot to get your head around. But I can instantly imagine some uses.

For example, I'm always looking for little snippets of XSL, JS or Cocoon code to do certain little tasks. Once I use them, I dont formally store them anywhere. So i'm always looking at my previous xsl to work out how to do something. If its something big, I may put it on my blog. But the small pices are usually lost till I need them again. With TagFacts, I can now store them and retrive them quickly. This is pretty what Dima is doing himself.

Although the appeal is not as great as reader2, it could have some long term appeal and become a place where people look before hitting the newsgroups and forums?

It could become a resource like wikipedia, but in actual fact its the total opposite of wikipedia. See rather then collabative working on the same fact, the collaboration comes from the choice of tags. Tagfacts will work best when you have trusted friends on it, so I could check out how Mr M Kay reverses a XML tree.

There is however something which I cant quite get my headaround. Each fact is so different and could actually be wrong. How is it possible to work whats poplar? There is also no commonality between facts except the tags (in reader2 the isbn is used while in del.icio.us the link is used), this strikes me as quite a difficult thing to keep a track of in the backend. Anyhow, I'm sure Dima has it covered.

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Shared ownership house buying update

So in case you didnt know, me and Sarah are going through the final stages of buying our first house via shared ownership. Its going but not quite quick enough in our view but hopefully we will have a moving date really soon.
We've already started boxing stuff we dont really need in the next month, and planning out how were going to paint and carpet areas of the house. As you can expect, Sarahs in charge of that stuff while I'm charged with getting our internet, internal and av networks up and running. So I've been charting it out, because I've always had the computers and cinema systems together in the same room from a early age. It use to make sense because I would have TV capture (PVR) and TV output options. But now we have decided to move the computers out of the living room and into the spare bedroom. The only machines downstairs now will be laptops and the xbox. This is difficult because the xbox runs really nice on a 100baseT cabled network, I really dont want to push it on to a shared wireless node.
So it looks like were going to have a combination of wireless and cables. We thought about putting wireless access points on each level of the house and hoping one in the loft, spare bedroom and living room will be enough to cover the house. But with no power up in the loft thats not going to happen quite yet. I'm also planning on setting up switches upstairs and downstairs, so the laptops can be plugged into a solid connection for large transfers or when firends come around with there laptops with no wifi. The connection between the switches will be a good quality 100baseT ethernet connection, otherwise seperate bridging wireless points will be needed.

So generally, the house buying is going, but just not anywhere fast. We hope to be moved out by mid Novemeber the latest.

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