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Its one of those things I've been meaning to blog for ages but forgot due to the reshuffle of (comments and trackbacks should be fine now). IT conversations is how to do streaming audio correct. Not only does it host some of the best talks from some of the best conferences, oh no they host it using streaming mp3 or windows media. Theres an option to just download the mp3 if you like too. Theres full text transcripts and they syndicate new streams with enclosures. I mean things can not get any better, oh did I forget to say you dont even have to register if you want to… Excellent resource and I'm proud to say its what I listen to at work.

I highly reccommend listening to Tim O'Reilly's Watching the Alpha Geeks. Covers a lot but well worth it. It also reminds me to check Dan O'Brien's Intro to life hacks. Which is still not completed. Saying that, I've still not sorted out the copyright vs community audio and video streams!

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