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I've got a presentation coming up tomorrow and I'm just adding the finishing touches now. Now this is quite interesting and a lesson to myself. In one of my slides.

Minning against searching

Google and other search engines work on page-scraping technology. Google will for example ignore html metadata.Technorati, Daypop and Feedster work on content syndicated rss feeds only. Minning content like this, better represents BBC content as it keeps content in context.

I've been searching for images using google image search but the results when looking for certain subjects or topics are not good. Gogle relies mainly on the image filename and webpage it sits in. Well thats ok, but Flickr does a much better job because people actual asign metadata to the pictures. Then I've been thinking actually this is better way to get pictures because you can see the copyright licence straight away, for example Perfect morning by Bmann has a creative commons licence. I love flickr so much that I've actual signed up myself, wont be put too many pictures up because I'm not totally sure about storing personal data on a beta service (much my same problem with Gmail and But I'll put up some photos which I dont mind other people using, glad to see flickr makes it super easy to do this. I picked Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike for obvious reasons, and incase you didnt guess my flickr address is and Good to see Flickr is making use of all the backend data (EXIF, XML, RSS) as well as making great web interfaces. Just dont understand why there using Flash 7 to display images?

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