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Smartphone with Agile messager running

Last night just before bed, I dropped past the jabber site because I wanted to get a new jabber client for my pocketpc. Saw that myjabber guys had released there own pocketpc version. But I couldnt find it so thought I'd see what else is out there.

Anyway I saw a news story about getting realtime rss feeds in jabber. And it pointed to the site. Basicly in the vein of smthingme and other bots like smarterchild and myownbuddy, you can talk to it via set commands and tell it to subscribe you to different rss feeds. Which it will deliver to you every 30 or so minutes.

And I must not forget to mention I'm now using the excellent Agile on my pocketpc and smartphone. I actually think its better than imov, topicim and myjabber. Plus its free, and supports almost every single mobile platform out there.
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