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Sorry for the odd errors and general slowness of I have updated Resin java server, been messing with some wiki's and tearing my hair out trying to get blojsom to output xhtml 1.0 strict code. The last one is a issue with the url's which dont have escaped ampersounds in it. Instead there just simply & which drives any validator crazy. The server upgrade should mean better performance generally but the testing wiki's mean i'm running many things at once and might counter balance the positive effect of the upgrade.

I also tried to run the Java SDK in server mode using this tweak Miles sent through a few days ago.

Someone has done some research about JVM performance:

In a nutshell, you are recommended to run your JVM as the “Server” JVM not the “Client” JVM. The downside is the server JVM takes longer to start, and uses more memory, but in the performance benchmarks, the Java code is faster the C++ code!

I opted for option 2 which means you need to edit java.cfg sp server comes up before client.

   -client KNOWN
   -server KNOWN

You should change them to:
   -server KNOWN
   -client KNOWN

So I did and guess what nothing worked at all. It broke the whole of the server which is scary. I may try again this weekend to be sure…

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