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Shareaza version 2.0 is now available, the biggest and most important change is that it’s now offered under the GPL license. Slashdot covered it a while ago with comments – but I'm only just downloading it now. Will tell you how it goes over time.

Ok first up, the interface with the default skin is a little heavy but attractive and neat. Its very comparable to Winamp 5's default interface. A nicer skin is needed soon. Anyway how does it work? Well it picks up my Bit torrents nicely, read them from clipboards or when i click the file in windows. Opera should be able to send the torrent if i set it up correctly. Thank someone, because the bit torrent downloader is actually good and comparable with Torrent storm which I use to use. Downloaded something quite big very quickly last night. Not really logged on to G2 yet, but might do tonight see how it compares to the plain gnutella network.

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