Good luck with the Broadcast Treaty at the World Intellectual Property Organization

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On Sunday I passed Cory sitting on the grass at notcon04. And wished him good luck at the WIPO, I think the EFF and others are going to need it for all our sakes… If you honestly dont know what I'm talking about please – i beg of you to read this now.

As usual there has been little about an important issue in the mainstream news. Cory Doctorow and others have been raising awareness but few have picked up on it so far. Slashdot also had a posting yesterday which started the usual slashdotting discussion.

The best way I've found to keep intouch with whats going on is through the union for public domains blog on broadcasting. The EFF page is good for a understanding of whats at sake but not whats going on at this moment. No respect to Cory, his post was a little lost in the boingboing information ocean. But it did provide almost the same if not better links than what I got here.

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