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I tried to install PHPiCalendar today, but I took one look at it the Tarball and thought forget this. I'm not installing PHP on top of a perfectly fine Java server or run Apache side by side with IIS (webdav) and Resin (everything else). Then I saw dot net cal which is a dot net written ical server. Its not open or GNUed, but it is legally free to groups of less than 10 and to non-profit/educational sectors which isnt bad. I've been spending sometime on there developers blog which highlights some clever thinking and actually decent thoughts on the process of calendaring. On the way I also found these things. iCalendar .net parser, now if someone could write one as a cocoon generator. I'm also interesting in changing ical's ics to xcals so I can actually run some decent xsl transforming on it. I could do it on the ics files but trust me it would be awarked.

I also found windates which is a Windows based ical client in the same vain as Apples iCal. Also found some really nice information about iCalendars under the Mozilla community. I saw the url – and got a little excited but then read it and realised it was of little use to me. However what on earth is this I'm impressed and configuring outlook 2003 to send icals might be one way of keeping my ipaq in sync with my icals?

A java iCalendar parser? Humm will need to try this out for sure… Interesting project using cocoon and icals. Also seen a lot of links going to towards Jetspeed? Which I may try out today sometime as its only a war file. Also saw theres a proposed extention to the webdav standard just for icals, maybe this is what the difference is between webdav server and a ical server? At long last someone doing something about syncing icals directly with the pocketpc database. Linux only I think

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