The RSS-ification of television news

It started this morning with someone sending in this I replied and pointed out there are many projects on the net to do just that. Then pointed out that rather RSS in a news reader, why not send it straight into peoples calendars using ical? I fingered xmltv and

On the side Kosso sent me this Where he's also found pretty much the same things as I have but I wasnt prepared for this Now I'm blown away… Thinking of using cocoon like I did with RSS Bit torrents, collect them all together (aggregater) and stick them together using xsl into one massive file for the day. Its then just a matter of finding a client to read the huge xml file. But this will be extreamely easily if I convert it to xmltv format, which the xml files almost seem to be already.

Shame Kosso is so in love with flash by the way… but with the lack of java on the ipaq and not wanting to learn compact .net framework, flash may be the only alternativity right now. Saying all that using wifi also in my house, I could buddle all the logic off to the server and just serve up static xhtml pages…

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