Technology attracts other technology?

a women with an ipaq on trapped tube train opposite mea women with an ipaq on trapped tube train opposite me

I'm sitting almost opposite a woman of about 30 with a ipaq 39xx series. I can tell by the huge navigation button on the front. Pretty nice flip open leather case. Shame about the brown bit on the top hinge. Were now stuck in a tunnel on the jubilee line between london bridge and bermondsey. I would take a picture but I would look so suspect – ha did it when the couple (teenagers, black guy and mixed race girl) were not watching.

Ah were on the move. Anyway the interesting thing for this blog was she was sitting down the other side of the carriage and actually bizarrely moved up to another seat almost opposite me when she saw I had an ipaq too. Now I don’t at all think its an attraction thing, rather a tech comfort thing. In the same way I feel better about pulling out my ipaq when I see someone else with one. It seems quite human in a way, same as people who look the same kind of attracted to each other?

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Author: Ianforrester

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