Creative Commons in a Connected World

Building on the Past by Justin Cone

See it all adds up…
The BBC Creative archive + icommons + Sara Geater = BBC adopting a CC licencing scheme.

“By applying a CC-type license to the content, the BBC will enable individuals in the UK to download released content to their computers, share it, edit it and create new content. Commercial reuse of the content will not be allowed.

Professor Lawrence Lessig, chair of the Creative Commons project was clearly excited: “The announcement by the BBC of its intent to develop a Creative Archive has been the single most important event in getting people to understand the potential for digital creativity, and to see how such potential actually supports artists and artistic creativity.” He went to enthuse “If the vision proves a reality, Britain will become a centre for digital creativity, and will drive the many markets – in broadband deployment and technology – that digital creativity will support.”

Now we've got lots to talk about tonight at the Creative Commons in a Connected World (don't get me started on the site, reminds me I need to send my email once again…) I'm hoping Sara Geater will be there otherwise I will be emailing her about icommons in the very near future. Now I remember why I wanted to join the BBC.

I've posted my notes online in html and opml formats.
And here's some photos of the event which by the way was good but nothing much more that what I read in free culture and heard before from Lessig. However Lessig did make reference to two fundimental critical thinking ideas. As the uk was the motherland of copyright for America, what can the uk teach america about the next era of copyright? Think about how a mother desaplin its children… and more of a statement. when people start writing their opinions down (case in blogs), they discover they are just… idiotic.

lawrence lessig on stage for panel discussion at lift 2004lawrence lessig on stage at lift 2004

Some other useful links
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Official BBC Press Release. BBC prepares to put TV archive on web by ZDNet Australia. Slashdot view from last week – BBC creative archives based on creative commons licences.

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