In reply to the Lift 2004 website and other hopefully rare sites and projects like it which honestly take the living piss. Me and someone else had a conversation over im about what should be done. It went something like this…

> Me: going to send the url to rnib and others like accessify.com
> someone: Good
> Me: should cause a little stir, maybe get some people thinking
> someone: Cool. I think you should set up a Flash Terrorists blog. No more getting mad - get even!
> Me: I was thinking that too
> Me: email flames or use the flash vaunability to take it down, replace it with a xhtml 1.1 version
> someone: List evil websites with comments.
Encourage people to add their criticisms and flame the fuckwits... and hammer the sites /images/emoticons/happy.gif
> Me: Great idea, will do sometime soon. but not tonight /images/emoticons/happy.gif
> someone: But the time has come to reclaim the web for the people!
> Me: yes they stole our revolution - were taking it back = ntk.net /images/emoticons/happy.gif
> someone: quite so... and this time, we are bypassing the flower power,
and going straight to the precision-guided smart munitions /images/emoticons/happy.gif

> Me: I hate viruses, but a virus to change flash sites to correctly rendered xhtml would be nice
> Me: or even a transformer to scrape flash sites and turn them xhtml would be useful as ultimate insult
> someone: Tempting though it is, victory will come through the power of reasoned argument,
not through fucking their sites over.
> someone: Google is the Flash-scraper.
A cocoon application to take the google text-rip and turn it into a real site would be cool indeed.
Brilliant idea
> Me: ah ha excellent,
would save on processing power and yes transforming googles output would be ideal
> Me: yes submit your flashabustion sites and comment.
but also get a accessable version which you can send to friends and get maps from etc
> someone: You could lure loser designers by giving some phoney Flash awards.
submit your site, etc, then redo the site properly and flame the fuckers!
> Me: maybe in time the redirected urls will become more popular than the flash site its self?
http://myflashwank.com becomes http://redirectthatcrap.com/myflashwank.com.
google will instantly like it because its clean and not hard to process,
and in the end the redirected url will come up in search engines before the actual flash site
> someone: Yep - and you can add some metadata
that pushes the actual flash site down in Google's ranking
with a bit of effort in reversing their algorithms

> Me: Yes were are taking the web back! Your site has been flash-a-banished! maybe the flashabanish effect?
> someone: Hmm - need a better verb, there! Good
or at least start the ball rolling - if Google doesn't decode Flash yet,
maybe they will if there's enough pressure
> Me: I think it only decodes flash 4 content, if you can call it that?
> someone: I call it dis-content
> Me: sounds about right and a good name for the site in general
> someone: cool

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Author: Ianforrester

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