Ipaq TV remote controller

tv remote in action

Honestly never thought TV Remote on the PocketPC was all that good. The default maps were pretty crummy to say the least. I learned what CCF mode was and now i'm away. Created a CCF for my 5 remote setup and its all working quite well now. Only problem I got is my ipaq usually sits in its craddle activesyncing rather than just hanging around.

6 in one kameleon remote

I bought my wife a 8 in one kameleon remote for a christmas present in the states but it didnt work so we sold it. But recently I bought her a 6 in one kameleon from the uk and it actually works after phoning one for all main times. Oh by the way the xbox remote still doesnt work on the remote yet, but they reckon they can sort that out with a bit of time.
But anyway she can pretty much control anything now. And she takes great delight watching movies from her laptop shared documents on the widescreen tv now. It actually works quite well for being over 11meg wireless.

Anyway back to my remote, I'm going to customise it to have many macros soon, and hopefully sarah will do the same once the xbox works with the remote. Only one thing about the xbox, it will not start up without you pressing the power button the front which is a crying shame really…

By the way I'm reading the furrygoat experience and laughing quite a lot. Specially the wife factor. I'm going down the home automation/entertainment route but on a small budget using open technologies and lots of simple hardware. I know i've raved about the xbox media centre but I swear its made a huge difference to the way we watch media now. I would like to get one in the kitchen a bit later so sarah can watch anything on her laptop from the kitchen. Not being sexist of course, just know sarah would like to sometimes watch things without the digital surround sound. But that also means were consuming more media off the web and this might be the time to consider a 1meg or higher internet connection. Sarahs torrents and mine are killing the half meg connection.

I know my next step is to make recording off digital tv as painless as possible. If that means buying a freeview pvr or setting up my linux box with mythtv we shall find out over the coming months.
If only the xbox had video in…

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