The Freedom of Information Act

Been working hard at college on the Freedom of information site. Its now coming close to completion, its a shame because I had a few things I needed to do to make it a complete job.

  1. Unlimited OPML transformation – so you can click on each outline and go down a level, only seen it done using Javascript not standard XHTML and CSS
  2. Word ML to XHTML – Microsoft's own XSL transformation is pretty good but first up only works on the Beta 2 of Word ML and its bloody HUGE
  3. Word ML to PDF – Chris was planning to do this with XSL-FO, but we couldnt even imagine the nightmare to do it. Plus you can now buy one which does it

Ideally I would have liked to done something like this. But it wasnt going to happen… The main crutux of the matter is that no matter what happens the xml which word or anything turns out will be nasty only because the staff have no idea how to create well structured office documents.

Been reading Practical RDF as well by the way, liking XML/RDF cant wait to get something I can use it for.

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