3d operating system? : project looking glass

Picture of project looking glass, the 3d os

Oh this is nice, this is really really nice… Oh what would it be like to program applications to take advantage of 3D?
Project Looking Glass Demo
Theres a lack of any detail on the website and datasheet, but the demo says it all I believe.

I have to agree with others that even though it looks good, I dont know how useful it will be 2, 4, 6, 12 months down the line? Makes me wonder is this java3D what Sun were talking about ages ago? Thanks for the link kartika…

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I’m eating my words…HDTV hits the UK

Euro 1080

Well actually Europe.
Euro1080 was launched on January 1st 2004 and is the first channel to broadcast exclusively in High Definition throughout Europe. HDTV uses more pixels and lines to produce a high-quality image. Euro1080 also offers high-quality content: sports, music, shows and cultural events are being broadcasted by satellite with best quality surround sound, in HDTV format.

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Will America ever embrace Messaging?

I ask the question because I see little evidance to say the opposite. Yes we know American operators dont really have at best interopable media messaging, at worst any text messaging (Sprint?). The reason is unknown, except to say there has to be a reason why PTT has launched in America and not anywhere else yet. Could this be because Americans are not ready to accept messaging in any form?

Been thinking about it over the week and there could be a few reasons to the lack of embrace.
First up what country still uses pagers? which country did the two way pager launch in? What happened when the CB radio came to other countrys like the Europe and Asia? Did we embrace it? Hey and what country uses it the most by percentage still? Yes America. Makes sense in the light of push to talk services eh?
On the other side America companys are hell bent on banning camera phones so I have no idea if messaging will grow even if it natrually does.

What other evdance do i need? I rest my case…for now.

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