Tolerable Raining (letting it rain) mix

I've done a very long and new mix. So look out for it soon on the site. For those interested, heres the rough playlist. Please note that the mix is longer than a CD even a 80min CD. So the only way to hear the full thing is online…

// Let it Rain - 4 Strings
// Let The Light Shine In - Darren Tate vs. Jono Grant
// Sincere (pulser remix) - Firewall
// Turn Out The Lights (Hiver and Hammer Mix) - M.I.K.E
// 1998 (gouryella mix) - Binary Finary
// Planet - Mauro Picotto
// Obsession (Frank Biazzi Remix) - DJ Tiesto vs. Junkie XL
// Rheinkraft - Oliver Klein
// Interstate Emperors - Jeffed
// Flight 643 (original mix) - Tiesto
// Return to Cali (push remix) - Mauro Picotto
// Indigo - Ferry Corsten
// Please save me (Push remix) - Sunscreem vs Push
// Galaxia (Solar Stone Remix) - Lost Witness
// Gamemaster 2003 (Michael Woods Remix) - Lost Tribe
// Seven Cities (V-One's Living Cities Remix) - Solarstone
// When Things Go Wrong(2003 Remix) - Airwave
// Elevation - Darren Tate
// Children (tilt's courtyard mix) - Robert Miles
// The Legacy - Push
// Let It Rain (Radio Edit) - 4 Strings

Listen to the whole mix at 40k at the mixes page. Its long but very enjoyable…Arron, why would I want to put my music on DVD? I could easily create visuals and stream them along with the mix. Remember think network not optical storage. Kind of reminds me of my idea for digital vjing and djing. Maybe I'll explain when i got more time.

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Preparing for Stallman

Miles sent a few of us, an article to get us ready for Stallman. A Radical Theory of Property. I've also been reading the Open sources book again, to get a full grip of stallmans thoughts on different matters. I'm also going to bid for the Free as in Freedom book on amazon soon as I get paid again. I believe theres no need to invest in the selected essays book because there all online at Really looking forward to the lecture…

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