Is your mobile data open?

Why Run Free Software on a PDA? is causing ripples on Slashdot at the moment.

Its one of those things I've always thought about even in the days of my first palmtop the HP200LX. It ran DOS, so it was easy to get data on and off it. Most of the Applications were standard based, so the text editor supported rtf and txt formats. Even the accounting package was in quicken format. Things havent changed much since using Windows CE2 right up to PocketPC 2003. Plus all the palmtops I've owned contained standard storage solutions, so its always been a matter of taking out a FAT formatted PCMCIA, Compact Flash or SD card. However I know people using Palms have not had such a easy time. I havent had such a good time with my phones up untill right now. The SPV2 Smartphone actually allows me do what the heck I like to it. Even store things it doesnt understand. However I do take the point of the post because honestly I would use Opie or some other GNU OS if it took advantage of the hardware built into the device. When I last used Opie it never had bluetooth and wireless was hit and miss. I would miss somethings like activesync but honestly my calendar and stuff are going Open or GNU too. And that goes double for my smartphone, Smartphone 2003 is ok, but it needs bits done here and there.

Cant wait to see TabletPC drivers for Linux some time soon…Specially if they support InkML.
I have to give some kudos to some of the replys on slashdot.
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