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Why do Microsoft do it? why? oh why oh why?

Pocket IE 2003 renders CSS stylesheets and if that wasnt bad enough it seems to support limited javascript? I think. I visited a site a while back on the ipaq and it left a big dialogue box on the screen. What on earth is going on with this browser?

I am pleading with Opera to realease there amazing micro browser for pocketpc. There seems to be no real altenative browsers on the pocketpc unless you look at using wap

Saw this on code monkey
So, if you have a PDA running PocketPC 2002 or earler, could you do us all a favor and upgrade? And for those of you who don't, could you see what you can do to get whoever it is who makes your mobile browser to upgrade theirs to some modern web standards? It would make everyone's life much, much easier.

Ok why should people upgrade so you can now design using css on a palmtop device?

Theres no solution to this, I just wish I could turn off css on the ipaq. I also think the new palms support css too. Enough said for now!

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Author: Ianforrester

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