Got this email from Dave today

If you are tired up creating mail accounts anonymously only to have an
access to a website, here's a nice solution. Just give a mail address
of the form “” and you'll get the access codes
easily at /images/emoticons/wink.gif That address is only for
receiving and it's up for three days. Everybody else can read mails
sent to that address. Go there and see what kind of mail has got /images/emoticons/happy.gif

And boy oh boy was I impressed by the simple solution to junk email this is. My only hope is that it wont get flooded with use that they will have to take it down or charge for it. Also had a good read of the authors thoughts on mailinator at his own blog.
Also the FAQ blog cover everything you ntk about the service.

Been reading through his other blogs too and they seem kinda interesting. Might add him to my feeds, if i can find his rss link.

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