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Smartmobs found another good link. And brings back the issue of collabration spaces. Well for me it has.
Great stuff from Carnegie Mellon University all the same

But as usual a few things,
The Barn records TWI and allows people to jump to those points like chapters of a meeting. But someone has to hit a button? Why? Wouldnt it be a better idea if the system realised this was a TWI or at least a chapter point rather than someone out of character hitting a button?

Why does a person have to login if there wearing RFID tags? Surely the rfid tags would be part of larger system in the business? Simular to the way most employees have swipe cards.

The all important question is then, what is the meeting stored in? That is crutical to the whole system. Can I extract bits out of it, can I only watch one person or a group of people, can I get a highlight of the TWI's, etc, etc.

I wrote a schema for meeting minutes in my college and its going to be put into use very soon. But it was made for conversion afterwards, so I never interfere with the note taker. I did think about a app which could be built which would guide or assist the note taker though the process of writing structured meeting notes. The notes would then be added to the background information like who attened, the time and date, etc to make structured meeting minutes.
Even thought something like a tablet pc would be the perfect tool for such a thing. But I know how much people love to write on paper – maybe that OCR plugin would be useful david after all.

Anyway, i'm going off topic here.
I do think CMU are doing a good job, but I'm more interesting in keeping it real and would like to see more work done in the area of assisting current methods of recording meetings and collabration sessions.

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