The end of email marketing?

I spied this. It basicly goes on about the use of html emails and how outlook 2003 doesnt display them in html. But the interesting part comes later about other revenue models such as rss?

Its a interesting one, because yes outlook 2003 actually does a pretty good job at showing html emails as text, and its default now. Plus simple rules like if your not in my address book your email goes in my junk box. Which works super well by the way. Doesnt mean email marketing is totally dead yet.
I can see a change back to the text based email marketing where the only rich feature was the mail client replacing with a real link. And honestly, I can wait to go back to that, as I will then beable to read such emails on my ipaq once again.

Also wanted to add, this post is typical example of a post which should exist in more than one category. David's example of multiple category plugin coming in the next blojsom, hoooray!

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