Soap and Xml-rpc

I am very confused,
I heard of soap and thought that was the standard for webservices. And it seems like it but then I came across xml-rpc? What the hell is that when its at home? Well I finally worked out the other day.
Daves history of soap. Very informal and easy to read even for non programmers like me.

Anyhow thats not what I was writing about really.
I've been playing with soap in cocoon as a client, realised quicky that a soap service is a whole bigger thing than i imagined. Just been gathering information from amazon using the tutorial in my cocoon book. It seems quite straight forward specially when you understand the concept of a soap env and the like.
but how does xml-rpc fit into all this? Humm its a difficult one because soap does all the lovely things like validate via a xml schema, etc. Xml-rpc on the other hand doesnt seem to do all that but is simplier to use and less verbose. It seems like it the difference between xml schema and relax ng. Both do the same thing and each have there advantages. I think I'm going to stick with soap because if i can understand that, then xml-rpc wont be that much more difficult to learn.

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