The theorys of the matrix reloaded.

Ok I spent one hour with my class of students talking about the matrix reloaded. Its kinda sad / good. I have to say once again this movie is up there with the best. Its gonna be like
Donnie Darko.

Everyone asks have you seen it? I say Yes, they say what the heck happened?

Anyway I subscribe to the theory of dual matrix's because everything in the movie points to that with a little thought. But I'm now thinking that maybe this is too simple?
Harry said, whats the possiblities of the matrix containing unlimited matrix's? Not unlikly, but boring for a film of this depth.
Never even thought about how it would work with Quantum theory in mind. Now that would be interesting because I believe this would be the first hollywood film to bring such a theory to the mainstream?

The theory which kinda of follows my own thoughts
IMDB Board: The Matrix Reloaded
Common Matrix Reloaded Misconceptions – including the theory that mero wasnt a previous One?
Well thought out theory of reloaded – not sure if I think its all right.

Just to repeat, when Matrix Revolutions comes out, were all gonna be scratching our heads and thinking where did we all go wrong… The Brothers did us all proud.

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