OpML, why?

Ok I looked at the opml spec and what a simple standard. Its almost too simple and I feel goes slightly against the idea of xml. I mean it structures data but using the outline tag is like me using the paragraph tag in html to structure all data.

Anyway seeing how people and applications are using this simple xml schema, I've been thinking maybe I should use it for my bookmarks. Because I've been looking for a standard way of storing those in xml for a long time now. Also been thinking I could import xlink and use that on top of opml rather than html href's? I swear there has to be better way of storing bookmarks.

Also kind of related in a round-about way. The newsreader on my ipaq pocketfeed is working but seems to have problems connecting to certain types of rss streams. I got a feeling it has problems with rdf based ones. But also has problems with my own stream which is weird because it works with other blojsom streams. Maybe the port 81 thing is causing problems or something? Also my newsreader on the pc doesnt support opml, so i keep having to copy and paste things between my tabletpc, workstation and ipaq. I really need to sort out the file sync issue on windows xp, because this is becoming a bit of a pain now.
Oh also why the hell does feedreader put its config and xml files in the user directory? ANd why cant you change it? Its a bloody nightmare. Hope they fix this issue in the new version. Tempting to use something else. Specially with the webserver not having any template file I can modify to change the code it generates. Non standard html code at that too…
Sort it out!

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