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Its so true they say about learning while in a project. I have been helping david with his osdavid project. Problem was the same as I had with adding search functianlity to courselets. He is using many xml files pulled into flash for dynamic presenation. Anyway when he searches for something or compares a node against another one, flash chokes and takes along time to return any results.
Bad news eh? yes…I'm not the number one fan of flash but if people want to use it thats up to them in the same way if you want to snort coke, I cant stop you.
Anyhow putting davids xml in exist and doing the queries in xpath on exist will stop flash choking because all it needs to do is format a http get request to the local server and exist will come back with the subsets of xml it needs to do its job. Easy.

This requires david to learn a little xpath because he wants to compare elements and attributes in different documents. And do content searches. It sholdnt be all that hard for him to learn.
I think the hardest thing for him will be getting the file the search results returned. Simply because flash uses a dom type of method. See the power of using standards! xpath to query the database and xpath to write the xslt! Anyhow for his osdavid project this should be good news.

After working with david yesterday, I've been using exist a bit more and finally understand it. Man there is so many ways of getting to the xml database. xml-rpc, soap, http, xmldb, etc, etc. Its one hell of a personal project I have to say.
Links to blojsom? maybe, because i did read you can put not well formed xml into somehow. But by default it checks when you put it in if its well formed, if not it rejects it.
Ah david, that could be the reason why some of your xml files couldnt be moved across to exist even on my own webdav client. Yes I remember had the same problem putting courselets in. ha i love xml.

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