3 thoughts on “Imagine 60db with Object based media?

  1. As you note, we’re subject to using the data we have available to us. We do some processing on our side, but as a small start up are limited (for now.) Our goal, is to deliver the best listening experience for our listeners and more data we have the better we’ll be. I’d note though, is better to have the processing done away from the client — that way you can deliver the experience across many platforms instead of just one. In our case that would the web, alexa or smartphone.

    1. It wasn’t a criticism, just more compelling reasons why breaking media into objects (media+metadata) is going to be the way content is created in the future.
      Have a look at some of our experiments including http://www.futurebroadcasts.com which actually pulls in the local BBC news broadcast and does some client side processing to make it fit in.
      I would say also say client-side is the way to go because then its very scalable, if you start doing this processing in the cloud bottle necks will happen, but I see how for alexa & google home its not possible so that works.
      Love to chat in more detail… I’ll have to email you…

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