#What is a Cubicgarden?

Recently there has been a little bit of a hunt to find the answer to what a cubicgarden is on twitter using #whatisacubicgarden

Some people found this while digging around the web… I forgot I wrote it while at BarCampLiverpool

Cubic Garden by Ian Forrester (105 words)

A cubic object is a mathematical thing while a garden is a natural thing which strikes as organic opposed to the sterile mathematical nature of cubic.

You can get cubic gardens but when saying “cubicgarden” it doesn’t strike up visions of a sweet garden. Even if you did, it wouldn’t be a cubic garden.

References to cubicgarden online point to a guy called Ian Forrester. What caused him to choose cubicgarden, a lot of people ask? Why not Qubic garden or even square garden?

In Donnie Darko one character says the most beautiful word in the dictionary is “Cellar door.” I would contest it’s “Cubicgarden”

Challenge is on…