Supporting the causes…

Me and a lady were a while ago talking about my celebrity style status (best word I can think of for it) and how we have become brands in ourselves (good or bad its hard to tell)

Anyway I received this over Facebook from someone I know but not seen in a while.

Hey Iain
I have been following your exploits on Ted and cubic and hope life is now good.
I need a quick favour

I have produced a CD, with 17 tracks donated by artists such as Seasick Steve and Athlete to help Angie, a little girl with Autism.

Any chance you can tweet of blog something for me to your many millions of followers. I now have 2000 to sell. Thxx **********
All money raised goes to support her autism awareness treatment.

Website here:

I replied with…

Looks good but I tend not to do sponsored tweets or promotions for stuff I don’t personally care* so much about. Aka unless the CD (why CD and not download?) is really good and something I’d enjoy, no matter the cause I won’t really blog about it. Sorry… hope you understand?

*When I say “don’t personally care so much about” I don’t mean I don’t care about the charity, as said good cause but not something I do.

It might come across as quite negative or cold but in my mind its my blog and I call the shots. That means I decide what goes on there and although I think its a good cause, I don’t want my blog to turn into a place for good causes. Its important to me, as thats my space.

They seemed to take it well… I did say afterwards I would blog about this, and the url would be there at least…

To be honest others who have requested stuff like this have not taken it so well, and one or two got really angry.

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